mathiasthom (mathiasthom) wrote in queerpoets,

Not Your Cover

Please don't push her in front of you,
for she has no idea of the drama
you'll willingly put her through,
Just to deflect any eventuality

Trust me, the real world trickles through
any barriers, go around, go underground
pull the wool over her eyes,
until that final day, when she will recognize

This is not the life for her
eyes finally focusing,
this state of half-life,
where all fabrication dies

All that sweet talk
leaving the taste of chalk
in her dry mouth,
like the crackle of Autumn's skin

And that knowing numbness
left out in the cold of December,
like frozen breath, a little death
some tragic end, all alone again

She's not your cover
while you stalk in the shade
with haphazard plans that you've recently made,
only the unaware are so truly brave

You coward, and cower
lost in the hurt you'll soon discover
misery seeks like minded souls,
one day you"ll be utterly forgotten and old

written 8/11/16

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