mathiasthom (mathiasthom) wrote in queerpoets,

Train Wreck

Want to write about this pointless life
that's drowning with emptiness,
while others are found
filled with some sort of sweetness

Fancy that I can't ever meet you
that rightfully perfect person
that would make my heart move
repelling all the damage, that ran through

What am I supposed to do?
every potential partner
is a wrong way street
another dead-end freak

Yet feel compelled to speak
but it'll be countless weeks
before they'll feel a need so bleak
and I'm a train wreck.

This is the prime of life
somehow, I thought there would be more
maybe I'm asking for too much
maybe I'm completely out of touch

Prior transgressions, like some whore
but I'm not in that bar scene anymore
past my prime,
running out of time

Life is one big uncertainty
in some manner or another,
we all must break free
from this repetitive monotony

written 9/14/15
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