mathiasthom (mathiasthom) wrote in queerpoets,

Smoking Gun

I let you in
you had your way
did my best
you got to play

Sent me pictures
via this cell phone
provocative statements
now you leave me alone

If only the world knew
you'd sing a different tune
and if I ratted you out
there's nowhere for you to run

But I'm not the smoking gun
it meant more to me than a little bit of fun
and now that the deed is done
why did you let a friendship become undone?

I've never once spoken
about any romantic token
or acts of affection,
nor passive aggression

No, I don't need another Life Lesson
so open up and realize
the simplest truth
from your baggage of lies

And please, just apologize
wipe the hurt from these eyes
you don't need any alibi's
there's no need to cry...

written 8/22/15
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