theheartdrinker (theheartdrinker) wrote in queerpoets,

{So I married someone else.}

I've known you for so long.
So long I can't even remember, and yet,
You were always no one.

This nobody.
As random as suggestion, and yet,
Carefully formed and placed by fate.

Placed so near.
So near I could actually feel you beside me, and yet,
Just out of reach.
My arms stretched towards you, shaking and bleeding, trying to get a grasp of you.
Your skin.

I am exhausted.
My arms, older, sinewy and weak.
My eyes are closing as I travel somewhere else where there is no you.
No vagaries, no choice, no suggestion. Just birds flown backwards.
Fate chose to send you, to walk me through fire, to blind me while who knows how many happy lives have passed by.

In my far away land your absence is bittersweet.
For I don't know a world without you and the pain you bring, a world where having you isn't the ultimate goal, and yet,
I know only to refuse to explore it.

So I open my eyes and soul to the wounds of believing that if I'd stretch my fingers a little more, I could have you,
Only you.
And yet, you can tear my arm from it's place and never be mine.
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