mathiasthom (mathiasthom) wrote in queerpoets,

Owning the Wreckage

Please don't assume anything
I might not hide behind these words
confronting a sea of faces
playing charades while out on display

Maybe it's truly about you
or bored as hell,
and needed something to do
so veg out for awhile

Don't feel the need to smile
or assimilate all those emotions
served up on a plate
fueling useless desires going nowhere

Forget about all the self abuse
whether it's inward or outward,
never going to swing on some noose
sucking down vodka, appearing so loose

But maybe I am,
and I really don't give a damn
just shedding another skin,
owning up to the wreckage

So start again,
or plainly wind down
make a statement
all over this town...

written 11/2/15
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