mathiasthom (mathiasthom) wrote in queerpoets,


Stayed up all night
surrendering to the vices
peeling wallpaper
smoke rings yellowing the ceiling

Outside the shaded window
nightlife awakening
some animal call to be free
needing to sow the seed

Of love,
and hate
a need to violate
any form or reason

This is the season
to bruise or refute
any point that is moot
that is so often the case

Hate that you would deny anyone so
berate these feelings
that have nowhere to go
so shallow and cold

How we feel so old
on a road that is sold
on a night pathetically cold,
and pleased with itself

This isn't about wealth
nor some penniless brood
scampering for change
out of sorts and strange

A scarlet tag of blame
that awakens something in you
forever guilty and shamed,
harried and aloof

Ice cubes have melted
vodka is watered down
still quite awake
over this slumbering town...

written 8/23/15
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